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Saffron Deer Bhil Painting by Geeta Bariya


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-15 W-11 inches
Medium : Natural Colors on Handmade Paper

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Geeta Bariya, a skilled artisan deeply rooted in the rich tradition of Bhil painting, invites the viewers to glimpse into the primordial heart of nature. In her piece, “Saffron Deer,” the ancient connection between man and the wild world comes to life. This exquisite artwork showcases the Bhil community’s profound connection with their surroundings, capturing the essence of the real life that surrounds them. Bathed in saffron hues, the deer in this painting resonate with a mystic energy. The choice of color isn’t arbitrary; it symbolizes purity and spirituality, echoing the Bhil’s reverence for nature. The unique shapes and intricate patterns adorning the deer convey a sense of timelessness, as if the very soul of the forest has been woven into the canvas. Bhil painting is an art form steeped in tradition, passed down through generations, carrying with it stories of ancient wisdom and cultural heritage. Bariya’s “Saffron Deer” is a testament to this enduring legacy, a visual symphony that reminds of a primal connection with the natural world.

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Saffron Deer Bhil Painting by Geeta Bariya