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Cultural Intricacies: Kalighat Art by Bapi Chitrakar


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 11.69(in) by W: 8.27(in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Paper

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Bapi Chitrakar portrays a world that captures the intrinsic beauty of everyday moments. At the heart of this composition is a woman, gracefully seated in a chair, adorned in resplendent jewellery and attire that radiates cultural richness. The woman’s attire, adorned with vibrant colours and intricate patterns, hints at a life steeped in tradition and heritage. Her accessories, a tapestry of adornments, shimmer like stars in the night sky. She embodies the essence of grace and elegance, and her expression reveals a sense of contemplation and serenity. Seated at her side, a charming feline companion captivates the scene. The cat, raising its two delicate feet towards her lap, symbolises an act of endearment and connection. The cat’s presence adds a touch of whimsy and warmth to the tableau, highlighting the enchanting bond between humans and their beloved pets. This painting transports the viewer to a world where the elegance of daily life is celebrated, where adornments and furry friends converge in harmony.

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Cultural Intricacies: Kalighat Art by Bapi Chitrakar