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Fish and lotus motifs in Madhubani by Vibhuti Nath


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 30 (in) by W: 5.5 (in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Khadi Recycled Paper

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In his painting, artist Vibhuti Nath demonstrates lotus and fish motifs depicted alternatively with a grey background, symbolizing spirituality, prosperity, and balance, and simply serving as a visually appealing and culturally rich element in the artwork. Madhubani art is not only about symbolism but also about artistic expression. Artists choose these motifs simply for their aesthetic appeal and to experiment with different patterns, colors, and shapes. In this sense, the alternating lotus and fish motifs with a grey background are a creative exploration by the artist. Alternating motifs like lotus and fish create a sense of balance and harmony in the artwork. The lotus, with its elegant and serene symbolism, contrasts with the liveliness and abundance represented by fish. This alternation signifies the dualities of life, such as yin and yang or the balance between opposites. The use of a grey background in Madhubani art is chosen for its visual contrast, making the colorful lotus and fish motifs stand out vividly.

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Fish and lotus motifs in Madhubani by Vibhuti Nath