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Tribal Harmony: A Dhokra Wonder by Kunal Rana


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 7.4 (in)

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Refined Kunal Rana’s Dhokra Metal Handicraft, “Tribal Harmony,” beautifully captures the essence of daily life in tribal communities. This traditional craft, rooted in the heart of India, uses ancient techniques to create unique pieces. The rich, earthy tones in this piece evoke a deep connection to nature, while the intricate patterns pay homage to the tribal motifs passed down through generations. “Tribal Harmony” celebrates the unwavering bond between a tribal woman and her son, both engrossed in their daily routines. The artform itself reflects the time-honored traditions of Dhokra metalwork, telling a story of heritage, culture, and the enduring connection between art and life.

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Tribal Harmony: A Dhokra Wonder by Kunal Rana