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Kamal Talai in Pichwai by Dinesh Soni


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-12 | W-9 inches
Medium : Natural Colors on Canvas

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Kalyan Joshi paints this graceful composition of Ganesha Vandana. This Phad painting of Ganesha Vandana is a vibrant and intricate artwork created on a large canvas. The painting features Lord Ganesha seated on an elaborate throne in the center, surrounded by devotees engaged in various forms of worship. Ganesha is depicted in his iconic form, with a rotund body, elephant head, and multiple arms. He is adorned with vibrant clothing and jewelry, and his large ears symbolize his ability to listen to the prayers and pleas of his devotees. The devotees depicted in the painting are shown in dynamic poses, engaged in acts of devotion such as singing bhajans or devotional songs, playing musical instruments like the tabla and harmonium, and performing traditional dance forms like Kathak. Some devotees are shown offering flowers, incense, and sweets to Lord Ganesha as part of the worship rituals. The background of the painting is filled with colorful floral motifs, celestial beings, and divine symbols associated with Lord Ganesha.

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Kamal Talai in Pichwai by Dinesh Soni