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Riverside in the Forest, Warli Art by Dilip Bahotha


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 11 (in) | W: 13.5 (in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Cotton

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In this captivating Warli Art piece by Dilip Bahotha, a tranquil riverside scene unfolds. The painting portrays a serene landscape adorned with trees, bushes, and a flowing river, while birds gracefully soar overhead. The Warli Adivasi community’s existence intertwines seamlessly with the river, which acts as a lifeline for their sustenance. The riverside setting holds profound significance, symbolizing the profound connection between the Warli people and the bountiful natural resources bestowed by the rivers. The depiction of flowing rivers represents the life-giving properties of water, emphasizing its vital role in nurturing life and fostering interconnectedness among communities. The carefully arranged trees and other elements within the artwork evoke a sense of balance and harmony, serving as a powerful testament to the community’s deep reverence for nature’s gifts and their harmonious coexistence with the world around them.

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Riverside in the Forest, Warli Art by Dilip Bahotha