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Kamal Talai in Pichwai by Dinesh Soni


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-12 | W-9 inches
Medium : Natural Colors on Canvas

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Dinesh Soni mesmerizes with his Pichwai piece, “Kamal Talai.” Soni, a master of this traditional Rajasthani art form, unfolds a vibrant narrative. The canvas breathes life into intricate blue and white lotuses, adorned with golden leaves, set against a passionate red backdrop. Pichwai, steeped in devotion, often depicts tales from Lord Krishna’s life. The harmonious interplay of colors signifies divinity, with red symbolizing passion and blue embodying the spiritual realm. Soni’s meticulous patterns and motifs echo a timeless tradition, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Pichwai art.

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Kamal Talai in Pichwai by Dinesh Soni