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Tree of Life Madhubani Painting by Ambika Devi


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 30 (in) by W: 22 (in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Handmade Paper

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Renowned artist Ambika Devi’s exquisite Madhubani paintings transport their admirers into a world of vibrant elegance. A magnificent peacock, a symbol of grace and beauty, perches majestically on the ‘Tree of Life.’ Its resplendent plumage, awash in a kaleidoscope of colors, evokes a sense of regal wonder. This ancient art form, originating in Bihar, India, weaves narratives through intricate patterns and motifs. Devi’s skillful use of bold, contrasting hues and meticulous detailing breathes life into her creation. Beneath the tree sits a woman adorned in traditional attire, embodying the essence of Madhubani culture. It’s a visual symphony that narrates stories of heritage, tradition, and timeless artistry.

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Tree of Life Madhubani Painting by Ambika Devi