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Serenity of Buddha: Madhubani Painting by Priti Karn


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-22 by W-7.5 inches
Medium : Poster Colors on Paper

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Priti Karn portrays the serene scene of Lord Buddha seated beneath the sacred Bodhi tree, where enlightenment dawns. At the heart of this intricate artwork, Buddha is depicted in the characteristic Madhubani style, his form radiating serenity and wisdom. His eyes, filled with compassion, reflect the profound understanding he is about to attain. His peaceful countenance and crossed legs signify his deep state of meditation. The Bodhi tree, adorned with lush leaves and intricate patterns, provides a protective canopy over Buddha. The blend of colours creates an atmosphere of harmony and enlightenment, inviting viewers to become part of this timeless journey. This Madhubani painting invites viewers to meditate upon the transformational moment when Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha

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Serenity of Buddha: Madhubani Painting by Priti Karn