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Graceful Deers Bhil Painting by Geeta Bariya


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-15 W-11 inches
Medium : Natural Colors on Handmade Paper

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In renowned artist Geeta Bariya’s Bhil Painting, a captivating story unfolds—a tale of ancient kinship between humanity and nature, etched in vibrant colors and exquisite shapes. This artistic piece stems from a community deeply rooted in tradition, capturing the primal instincts and innate bond with the wilderness. With a rich palette of hues, Bariya’s work breathes life into the canvas, mirroring the world around her. Her strokes form intricate patterns and motifs, each stroke speaking of a time-honored legacy. In this mesmerizing artwork, the graceful deers come to life, their spirit harmonizing with the soul of the forest. Bariya’s art transcends mere visuals; it’s a testament to an enduring connection with the wild.

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Graceful Deers Bhil Painting by Geeta Bariya