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Krishna and Govardhan in Miniature Painting by Mohan Prajapati


Size : Small
Dimensions : H-5 | W-5.8 Inches
Medium : Natural Colors on Handmade Paper

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Renowned artist Mohan Prajapati’s artwork, “Krishna and Govardhan,” is a captivating tribute to the enchanting world of Mughal miniature paintings. Within this artful fusion of Indian and Persian styles, this mesmerizing piece transports the viewers to a bygone era, where art was not merely decoration but an embodiment of culture and history. This exquisite painting encapsulates the essence of the Mughal School of miniature art, a tradition that flourished under the patronage of emperors like Akbar and Jahangir. Within these delicate strokes, the legacy of India’s rich artistic heritage is vividly portrayed, preserving the vibrant tapestry of the past. “Krishna and Govardhan” transcends time, offering a glimpse into the mystical relationship between Krishna and the revered Govardhan Cow. The intricate details, exquisite color theory, and captivating motifs speak volumes about the expertise that this art form demanded. It’s a portal to the splendid courtly scenes, epic battles, and tales from mythology, all intricately narrated through the medium of miniature painting. Prajapati’s work echoes this undying legacy, reminding the intricate beauty and cultural significance embedded in every brushstroke of Mughal miniature painting.

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Krishna and Govardhan in Miniature Painting by Mohan Prajapati