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Divine Justice: Uttam Chitrakars Kalighat Battle


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 14(in) by W: 11(in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Paper

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Uttam Chitrakar portrays a powerful and evocative masterpiece that captures the essence of triumph over evil and the divine strength of the goddess. At the heart of the composition stands the formidable goddess Durga astride a fierce lion, symbolising her unparalleled strength and courage. She is a vision of divine grace, wielding an array of weapons, each representing her various attributes and abilities. Her multiple arms are outstretched, creating a dynamic and commanding presence. At her feet lies the defeated demon Mahishasura, his formidable buffalo form conquered by the goddess’s might. His expression reflects the realisation of his powerlessness in the face of Durga’s divine wrath. The lion, Goddess Durga’s divine vehicle, exudes an aura of majesty and loyalty, enhancing the sense of divine authority and victory over darkness. This painting is a testament to the enduring power of faith, courage, and the divine grace of Durga Maa.

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Divine Justice: Uttam Chitrakars Kalighat Battle