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Whimsical Harmony: A Symphony of Parrots by Ambika Devi


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 22 (in) by W: 7.5 (in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Handmade Paper

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Ambika Devi, through her meticulous brushwork, showcases three vibrant parrots perched on a tree. At the centre of the canvas is the trio of parrots, each one radiating its own unique charm. Their feathers are portrayed in a delightful palette of colors, with shades of pink, orange, and blue adorning their wings and bodies. The artist’s intricate brushwork captures the intricacies of the feathers, creating a sense of texture and movement. The fish motifs add an enchanting touch to the composition, swimming gracefully near the parrots’ necks. Painted in shades of blue and red, the fish motifs exude a sense of fluidity and playfulness. Their intricate patterns and vibrant colors contrast beautifully against the parrots’ plumage, creating a visually dynamic and harmonious scene. This painting is a world of beauty and whimsy, celebrating the captivating allure of birds, aquatic life, and the wonders of nature.

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Whimsical Harmony: A Symphony of Parrots by Ambika Devi