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Sacred Leaf: Shrinathji’s Grace by Mohan Prajapati


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 10 (in) W: 10 (in)
Medium : Acrylic Colors on MDF Board

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Mohan Prajapathi portrays, in a mesmerising miniature artwork, the magnificence and grandeur of an elephant in a captivating display of regal splendour. Its commanding presence radiates through the intricate embellishments that adorn its body, accentuating its regal stature. Each ornamental piece is delicately rendered, showcasing the artist’s skill and precision in capturing the opulence and intricate craftsmanship of these intricate adornments. With one leg raised, it rears with majestic poise, its powerful form capturing the essence of strength and controlled movement. The artist’s skillful portrayal of the elephant’s muscular physique and flowing lines conveys a sense of motion frozen in time. The masterpiece appreciates the intricate beauty of the adorned elephant, its regal splendour, and invites us to ponder the symbolic significance it embodies.

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Sacred Leaf: Shrinathji’s Grace by Mohan Prajapati