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White Ox in Yellow: Blue Pottery by Vikram Kharol


Size : Small
Dimensions : Diameter: 10 Inches
Medium : Oxide Colors on clay

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Renowned artist Vikram Singh Kharol’s “White Ox in Yellow” Blue Pottery Plates are exquisite masterpieces that breathe life into the ancient art form of Blue Pottery. Kharol’s work is a vibrant dance of color theory, where the serene white ox against a cheerful yellow base evokes a sense of pastoral tranquility. Rooted in Rajasthan’s rich heritage, Blue Pottery narrates a tale of legacy and resilience. The intricate floral motifs, hand-painted with meticulous detail, showcase the artist’s commitment to preserving this craft. Each plate whispers the stories of artisans who have passed down their wisdom through generations. A testament to the artistry’s evolution, these plates evokes both tradition and innovation. With every brushstroke, Kharol narrates a tale of cultural fusion, color psychology, and timeless beauty. Kharol’s plates are not just art; they are a tribute to a timeless tradition.

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    White Ox in Yellow: Blue Pottery by Vikram Kharol