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Vikas Singh’s Floral Wooden Block Art


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 5.5 inch | W: 3.5 inch
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In his artwork, artist Vikas Singh skillfully incorporates interlocking patterns to form beautiful floral shapes within wooden block art. These intricate floral designs not only showcase the artist’s remarkable skill and craftsmanship but also demand a keen sense of precision and attention to detail. These interlocking floral patterns are not merely visually captivating; they also stand as a testament to the artist’s exceptional talent. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these decorative elements possess both functional and artistic value. For example, when printed onto fabrics, they can be used for various purposes such as clothing, home decor, or religious ceremonies. The presence of these meticulously designed floral patterns elevates the visual allure of these items, adding an extra layer of beauty and sophistication. These versatile blocks can also be employed in the creation of stunning wall panels. It’s worth noting that the height of these blocks can be customized to suit individual preferences, with the photographed product standing at a height of 1.75 inches. Additionally, the handles on these printing blocks are conveniently removable, enhancing their usability and adaptability in different artistic endeavors.

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    Vikas Singh’s Floral Wooden Block Art