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Henna Pattern Wooden Blocks by Vikas Singh


Size : Small
Dimensions : 2 inch

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Renowned artist Vikas Singh in his wooden block art diligently carves henna inspired pattern, having finely worked design, holding significant cultural and artistic value. These designs draw inspiration from the ancient art of applying henna to the skin, which has been practiced for centuries in various cultures. Wooden block art allows artists to transform henna patterns into enduring pieces of art. The intricate and delicate designs of henna, with their floral, geometric, and paisley motifs, are visually captivating and translate well onto wooden surfaces. Henna is traditionally applied during special occasions and celebrations. By incorporating henna-inspired designs into wooden block art, artists pay homage to these cultural traditions and rituals. 1. These blocks can be used to make a wall panel as well. 2. The height can be customised, the height of the photographed product is 1.75 inches.


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    Henna Pattern Wooden Blocks by Vikas Singh