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Flower Wooden Block art by Vikas Singh


Size : Small
Dimensions : 2 inch

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Vikas Singh, Wooden Block artist chisels a multi-layered floral medallion, creating depth and dimension within the circular shape, making the design quite intricate and visually striking. The art form is characterized by its sophisticated designs with multiple layers of floral motifs, leaves, and other elements. The complexity of these designs showcases the artisan’s high level of skill and attention to detail. The layering of floral motifs creates a visually captivating effect, the overlapping patterns and intricate details make multi-layered medallions aesthetically pleasing and richly textured, enhancing the overall beauty of the printed textile or surface.
These blocks can be used to make a wall panel as well. The height can be customized, the height of the photographer product is 1.75 inches.

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    Flower Wooden Block art by Vikas Singh