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Elephant Wooden Block art by Vikas Singh


Size : Small
Dimensions : 2 inch

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Wooden block art maestro Vikas Singh depicts elephant patterns in his artwork thoughtfully fashioned and diligently arranged. Amidst a plethora of cultures, elephants are revered and symbolize various qualities such as wisdom, strength, longevity, and good luck. In Hinduism, the elephant-headed god Ganesha is a symbol of intelligence and the removal of obstacles. Wooden block art featuring elephants is seen as a tribute to Ganesha. For individuals, the presence of elephant-themed wooden block art has a personal significance related to their experiences, travels, or interests. The art is also used for decorative purposes, adding a touch of elegance or exoticism to a room’s decor.
These blocks can be used to make a wall panel as well. The height can be customized, the height of the photographer product is 1.75 inches.

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    Elephant Wooden Block art by Vikas Singh