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A Tribal Couple: Chhau Mask by Dharmendra Sutradhar


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 8 | W: 7 Inches
Medium : Poster Colors on Paper

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A Skilled artisan, Dharmendra Sutradhar’s Chhau Mask encapsulates the essence of a tribal couple’s journey through the vibrant tapestry of traditional Chhau dance. This stunning piece delves into the art form’s rich history and symbolic significance, with vivid colors and intricate patterns bringing the story to life. The masks, adorned by the married man and woman, mirror the dynamic interplay of good and evil, heroism and villainy, all embodied in their elaborate facial expressions and motifs. The artist’s expert use of color theory captures the essence of Chhau, reflecting the dance’s emotive power. This pair of masks immerses the viewers in the mesmerizing world of this ancient tradition, where art becomes a living celebration of culture and storytelling.

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A Tribal Couple: Chhau Mask by Dharmendra Sutradhar