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A Tapestry of Wonder in Warli by Dilip Bahotha


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-14 W-14 inches
Medium : Natural Colors on Cotton Cloth

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Talented Dilip Bahotha’s Warli Painting captures a whimsical universe where a train, adorned with dynamic Warli motifs, halts amidst the moon and stars. This enchanting scene combines traditional tribal celebrations with a surreal voyage, transcending earthly bounds. Bahotha’s adept use of the Warli color palette infuses life into the celestial expanse, with opulent blacks and stark whites depicting both the grounded tribal life and the ethereal cosmic realm. The intricate patterns tell a visual tale, weaving folklore and imagination seamlessly. This artwork is a testament to Bahotha’s storytelling prowess, using Warli art to create a bridge between cultural roots and boundless creativity.

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A Tapestry of Wonder in Warli by Dilip Bahotha