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Women depiction in Tikuli coaster art by Ashok Kumar


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 4 Inch , W: 4 Inch
Medium : Enamel on MDF Board

Availability: In Stock

Prominent Tikuli artist, Ashok Kumar depicts three women, one holding a flower, and the other two with ceremonial umbrella and a pot on head repectively, signifying a ceremonial activity. The presence of three women engaging in ritualistic activities suggests a sense of unity and harmony. The art highlights the power of collaboration and shared cultural practices in creating a strong community bond. The flower in one woman’s hand symbolize purity, beauty, and offering, often used in religious and cultural sphere expressing reverence and devotion. The ceremonial umbrella signifies protection, honor, and the divine presence, emphasizing the sanctity of the event being depicted. Balancing a pot on head is a skill that requires precision and strength, this signifies a woman ability to carry responsibilities with grace and resilience. The overall scene suggests a ceremonial pr religious procession, underscoring the significance of rituals in maintaining cultural identity and providing a sense of continuity across generation.

The price mentioned is for set of 6 coasters.

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    Women depiction in Tikuli coaster art by Ashok Kumar