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Elephant Tikuli Coaster art by Ashok Kumar


Size : Small
Dimensions : Dia: 4 Inch
Medium : Enamel on MDF Board

Availability: In Stock

Ashok Kumar in his tikuli coaster art features elephants on the coasters, designing the coaster stand with a tree owning florals. Elephants in Indian culture have a strong presence in religious and mythological stories, symbolizing divine power and protection. In Tikuli art, elephants are adorned with ornate decorations, signifying auspiciousness, prosperity, and the divine qualities that they are believed to embody. The floral elements often added to tree designs symbolize beauty, abundance, and the interconnectedness of all life as trees are a symbol of growth, life, and fertility. These elements together may represent the harmony between nature and the divine. Beyond their symbolic meanings, elephants, trees, and florals are aesthetically pleasing elements. They bring visual appeal to the tikuli art, enhancing its overall beauty. The intricate designs and vibrant colors contribute to its attractiveness as a decorative art form.

The price mentioned is for set of 6 coasters.

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    Elephant Tikuli Coaster art by Ashok Kumar