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Harmony in Clay: Terracotta Model of Tea Light by Dolon Kundu


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 6 (in) | W: 4 (in)
Medium : Sculpture on clay

Availability: In Stock

This is an intricate terracotta model of a tealight, crafted with meticulous detail and infused with the warmth of artisanal skill by Dolon Kundu. The smooth curves and earthy texture of the terracotta evoke a sense of grounding, connecting us to the natural world. As you hold this tiny masterpiece in your hands, you can feel its weight, a tangible reminder of the craftsmanship and intention poured into its creation. The significance of the terracotta tealight lies in its ability to illuminate spaces with a gentle and captivating glow. When the flickering flame dances within its protective embrace, it casts mesmerizing shadows that playfully dance on the surrounding surfaces. The warm light radiating from the tealight creates an ambiance of tranquility and invites a moment of quiet contemplation. In the dimly lit room, the terracotta tealight becomes a beacon of hope and serenity, guiding us through the darkness. It symbolizes the power of illumination, both literal and metaphorical, to dispel shadows and bring forth a sense of warmth and comfort.

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    Harmony in Clay: Terracotta Model of Tea Light by Dolon Kundu