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Dolon Kundu’s Ganesha Terracotta Diya


Size : Small
Dimensions : Dia: 5 Inch
Medium : Sculpture on clay
Availability: Out of Stock

Renowned artist Dolon Kundu unveils a mesmerizing fusion of tradition and artistry in her exquisite creation, “Terracotta Diyas with Lord Ganesha.” Drawing inspiration from the ancient art form of terracotta, Kundu masterfully brings to life the rustic warmth of earthy tones and hues. Each diya exudes a unique tale, echoing the rich cultural history of India. The color palette, reminiscent of nature’s embrace, evokes a sense of tranquility, while intricate motifs and patterns narrate a story of devotion. Lord Ganesha, seated gracefully on the edge of the diya, symbolizes blessings and auspicious beginnings. This masterpiece transcends mere art; it’s a celebration of heritage and spirituality.

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