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Dolon Kundu’s Decorative Terracotta Diyas


Size : Small
Dimensions : Dia: 4 Inch
Medium : Sculpture on clay

Availability: In Stock

Renowned artist Dolon Kundu’s Terracotta Diyas, resplendent in earthy hues and tones, are more than just art; they’re a story etched in clay. Inspired by ancient Indian traditions, Kundu breathes life into these humble clay lamps. Each Diya is a canvas of warm, rustic colors, evoking the very essence of the earth. The subtle play of ochre, sienna, and burnt umber is a testament to Kundu’s mastery of color theory. Delicate motifs and patterns adorn each Diya, weaving tales of culture and heritage. But it’s the birdie perched on the edge that adds whimsy, reminding us of nature’s delicate balance. These Diyas are not mere lamps; they’re poetry in clay.

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    Dolon Kundu’s Decorative Terracotta Diyas