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Whispers of Elephant: Madhubani artwork by Priti Karn


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 11.7(in) by W: 8.3(in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Canvas

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Priti Karn portrays a captivating portrayal of the timeless bond between two magnificent elephants and the abundant gifts of the natural world that surround them. At the heart of this enchanting painting, two elephants take centre stage. One is adorned in striking black hues, while the other exudes warmth and character with its rich brown tones. With their trunks raised in unison, they stand beneath a bountiful tree, capturing fruits with a sense of shared purpose. The tree itself is a magnificent artwork, with its branches heavy with ripe fruits and its leaves painted with intricate patterns that pay homage to the Madhubani tradition. The artwork captures the essence of this harmonious coexistence with breathtaking beauty and depth, reminding us of the precious balance that exists within the heart of nature.

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Whispers of Elephant: Madhubani artwork by Priti Karn