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Elephant in Nature Madhubani Painting by Ambika Devi


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 15 (in) by W: 11 (in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Handmade Paper

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Renowned artist Ambika Devi breathes life into the ancient Madhubani art form with her captivating masterpiece – a resplendent Royal Elephant. Nestled amidst lush greens, this artwork transports you to a vibrant, mystical world. Madhubani art, originating from the heart of India, Bihar, boasts rich historical roots, dating back to the Ramayana era. It’s a tapestry of tradition, myth, and nature. Devi’s skilled brushwork weaves these elements seamlessly, from intricate geometric patterns to vividly hued foliage. But what truly enchant are the elephant’s eyes – large, expressive orbs that seem to hold secrets of centuries. Their deep, mesmerizing gaze beckons you to explore the ancient stories and lore entwined within this vibrant canvas.

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Elephant in Nature Madhubani Painting by Ambika Devi