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Rhythmic prosper: Lippan art by Nalemitha


Size : Medium
Dimensions : W: 12 in, H: 12 in
Availability: In Stock

Artist Nalemitha features a flowery form grabbing the central focal point associated with leaf-like pattern emerging from it partitioning the canvas into quadrants, each portion having a mandala design depicting interconnectedness and unity. Flowers often relate with cycles of growth, bloom, decay, and rebirth whilst mandalas also symbolize cycles and the eternal flow of time. Fusing floral patterns with mandalas in Lippan art, artist reinforce the theme of cycles and continuity in life and nature. The diamond shaped mirrors connected end to end formind the border with easy lines contribute uniqueness of the art form, enrich the aesthetic appeal, and carry symbolic meanings related to light, energy, protection, and reflection.

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    Rhythmic prosper: Lippan art by Nalemitha