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Mirrored traditions: Lippan Artwork by Nalemitha


Size : Medium
Dimensions : W: 12 in, H: 12 in

Availability: In Stock

Master Artist Nalemitha bestows key highlight to the diamond layout overlaying the material intactly, confined within the cubical borders associated with some mandala inspired patterns on the edges of the diamond. Interior the principal design there exist networked diagonal diamonds holding floral patterns formed by the mirrors and clay alternatively, resonating with themes of nature, balance, and creativity. The interplay between the diamond and mandala patterns, distinct yet interrelated designs, conveys reports about unity, evenness, and the interwoven nature of life creating geometric framework. The mirrorwork surrounding the chief pattern and the margins accentuate the angles and lines, adding extra layer of visual interest.

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    Mirrored traditions: Lippan Artwork by Nalemitha