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Lippan luminance: Lippan artwork by Nalemitha


Size : Medium
Dimensions : Diameter: 12 Inches
Availability: In Stock

Renowned artist Nalemitha portrays captivating artistry exhibiting multiple patterns each holding their unique impact in the Lippan Kaam. The disparate borders adds flawless efficacy, conical-diamond pattern improves the complexity and texture to the border contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal and the patterns including swirls, eye-like shape mimic the beauty of a peacock adds a touch of elegance, cultural symbolism, and visual interest to the overall compositon. Amidst there exist a diamond shape forming the base of the artwork, while the peacock pattern supplements a touch of elegance and cultural symbolism associated with grace, beauty, and spirituality in Indian culture, when blended together they contribute to the unique and visually striking nature of Lippan art.

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    Lippan luminance: Lippan artwork by Nalemitha