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Cultural echoes in Lippan craft by Nalemitha


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 12(in) by 12(in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Plywood

Availability: In Stock

Nalemitha portrays a captivating exploration of traditional Indian craftsmanship intertwined with contemporary creativity. The central circle forms the focal point of the composition, and within it, an intricate tapestry of patterns comes to life. These patterns, designed with precision and care, evoke a sense of timeless beauty and cultural richness. These mirrors, reflecting light and surroundings, add an element of enchantment and brilliance to the artwork. The combination of patterns and mirrors forms a dynamic visual narrative that engages the viewer’s senses, drawing them into the intricate world. This artwork serves as a radiant reminder of the enduring allure of Lippan Kaam and the transformative power of art.


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Cultural echoes in Lippan craft by Nalemitha