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Krishna with Cow Kalamkari Painting by Siva Reddy


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 17 inches | W: 10 inches
Medium : Natural Colors on Cloth

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Renowned artist Siva Reddy’s Kalamkari piece, “Krishna with Cow,” unveils the enchanting world of Lord Krishna, the revered Protector of Cows, and the soulful Gopala. This exceptional artwork is a vivid tribute to the Yadhava tribe’s beloved deity and showcases Krishna in all his divine glory. Painted in the timeless tradition of Kalamkari, it boasts a mesmerizing palette of deep blues and earthy hues, breathing life into the canvas. The Tribhangy pose captures Krishna’s grace and balance, embodying perfect equilibrium. His enchanting presence is amplified as he serenades those around with the melodious notes of his baansuree. Kalamkari, an ancient Indian artform, traces its origins to the Andhra Pradesh region. It tells stories through intricate patterns and motifs, expertly woven into the fabric of this artwork. Every detail, every stroke, narrates tales of devotion, tradition, and the eternal bond between man, cow, and the divine.

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Krishna with Cow Kalamkari Painting by Siva Reddy