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An Avian Tale in Kalamkari Plates by Sudheer


Size : Medium
Dimensions : Dia: 12 (in)
Medium : Acrylic Colors on Wood

Availability: In Stock

Artist Sudheer’s masterpiece whispers the ancient artistry of Kalamkari, unfurling a mesmerizing narrative of Birds of Paradise amidst the Tree of Life. Rich red and soothing off-white dance across the canvas, echoing the vibrant tales of Indian heritage. Every stroke narrates the artform’s history, where tales are woven into fabric. The artistry delves into the mystic, with intricate patterns and motifs celebrating nature’s grace. With meticulous precision, Sudheer paints life into every feather and leaf, embracing the essence of Kalamkari – a timeless tradition that bridges past and present. This plate isn’t just art; it’s a harmonious ode to culture and craft.

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    An Avian Tale in Kalamkari Plates by Sudheer