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Tray (Taper) (With Ganesh) wood Ganjifa by Sawant Bhonsle


Size : Medium
Dimensions : L – 15.3 | W – 4.8 | H- 1.6 Inches
Availability: Out of Stock

Sawant Bhonsle crafts a masterful creation that seamlessly melds the grace of tapering wood with the timeless allure of Ganjifa artistry, resulting in a functional masterpiece that captures the spirit of tradition and craftsmanship. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, the tray’s tapering design adds an element of visual intrigue. At the heart of the tray lies a Ganesh, meticulously carved with reverence and skill. Surrounding the divine figure are delicate floral patterns, each line and curve intricately etched by the hands of an exceptional artist. The tray stands as a reminder that tradition and innovation can coexist beautifully, offering us an opportunity to appreciate the beauty that lies at the intersection of craftsmanship and culture.

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