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Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran


Size : Small
Dimensions : D-7.5 inch
Medium : Natural Colors on Melamine Plate
Availability: In Stock

The vibrant world of Cheriyal Wall Plates by the talented artist Sai Kiran is where each brushstroke tells a captivating story. This artwork, “Rural Villager Couple Plucking and Picking Indigo,” is a testament to the rich tradition of Cheriyal art. Kiran’s meticulous craftsmanship brings to life a rustic couple amidst an indigo orchard, their vivid attire mirroring the hues of nature. The ‘Tree of Life’ motif, a symbol of abundance and vitality, is embellished with intricate patterns in earthy tones, resonating with the rural essence. The clever use of color theory in this art piece infuses energy and harmony, as the couple’s activity harmonizes with the verdant surroundings. Cheriyal Wall Plates transport their admirers to a world where every plate narrates tales of rural life, evoking a sense of nostalgia and wonder. Kiran’s indigo art piece is a tribute to the artform’s legacy, where colors, motifs, and stories seamlessly intertwine; creating a visual piece that beckons the viewers to explore its enchanting narrative.

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    Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran