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Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran


Size : Small
Dimensions : D-7.5 inch
Medium : Natural Colors on Melamine Plate

Availability: In Stock

In artist Sai Kiran’s captivating Cheriyal Wall Plates, the age-old tradition of rural life springs to vivid life on canvas. These vibrant works transport us to a mud house kitchen where two rustic village women, their colorful attire a brilliant contrast to the earthy surroundings, engage in lively gossip while meticulously crafting spices. Kiran’s artistry unveils the heartwarming stories of rural existence, rooted in tradition and community bonds. The color theory in these plates is nothing short of mesmerizing; bold reds and deep blues intermingle with earthy browns and lush greens, evoking the essence of the countryside. Cheriyal art’s signature patterns and motifs come alive, weaving tales of togetherness, toil, and laughter. Kiran’s masterful strokes capture the warmth and vibrancy of rural life, making these wall plates a captivating window into a world rich in culture and camaraderie.


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    Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran