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Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran


Size : Small
Dimensions : D-7.5 inch
Medium : Natural Colors on Melamine Plate
Availability: In Stock

In artist Sai Kiran’s mesmerizing Cheriyal Wall Plates, a rural milkman finds harmony beneath the Tree of Life. This centuries-old South Indian artform blends storytelling with vibrant aesthetics. Kiran’s mastery of color theory dazzles with an array of vivid hues, harmoniously balanced to evoke serenity. The rustic scene unfolds in intricate patterns and motifs, showcasing the art’s deep-rooted tradition. Cheriyal Plate, with its origins dating back to the 15th century, breathes life into folklore and culture, etching stories onto palm leaves and cloth. Kiran’s rendition transports us to a world where heritage and artistry merge, making each brushstroke a chapter in a timeless saga. The artist’s masterful use of the ‘Tree of Life’ motif connects life’s cycles, adding depth to this mesmerizing snapshot of tradition. Cheriyal Wall Plates by Kiran are not just art; they are a journey through time, culture, and the vivid tapestry of rural India.

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    Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran