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Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran


Size : Small
Dimensions : D-7.5 inch
Medium : Natural Colors on Melamine Plate

Availability: In Stock

In artist Sai Kiran’s exquisite Cheriyal Wall Plates, the age-old art form of Cheriyal scroll painting comes alive with a vivid portrayal of rural musicians on a colorful journey. This captivating artwork unveils the rich storytelling tradition of Cheriyal, hailing from the heart of Telangana, India. The drummer and piper, resplendent in rustic attire, blend seamlessly with their vibrant surroundings, their every movement imbued with the rhythms of tradition. The striking color palette, a fusion of earthy hues and fiery reds, dances harmoniously, while intricate patterns and motifs adorn the scene, evoking the soul of rural India. Kiran’s plate is a vibrant, rustic symphony of artistry and culture, a testament to the enduring charm of Cheriyal scroll painting.

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    Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran