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Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran


Size : Small
Dimensions : D-7.5 inch
Medium : Natural Colors on Melamine Plate

Availability: In Stock

Maestro Sai Kiran’s Cheriyal Wall Plates transport the viewers to the heart of rural India, where tradition meets vibrant artistry. In this captivating piece, three rustic village ladies gather beneath the resplendent Tree of Life, swathed in bold hues of red, green, and yellow. Each brushstroke narrates a tale of rural camaraderie. Cheriyal art, hailing from Telangana, celebrates life’s simplicity. The rich color palette symbolizes joy, while intricate patterns and motifs adorn their clothing and surroundings. The Tree of Life, a cherished motif, embodies fertility and unity. As one swings on a rope swing, another balances a ‘matka’ on her head—a testament to their resilience. Cheriyal Wall Plates, like this one, encapsulate the essence of rural life, bridging the past with the present through artistry and storytelling.

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    Cheriyal Wall Plates by Sai Kiran