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Goddess of Power: Uttam Chitrakar’s Kalighat Tribute


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 14(in) by W: 11(in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Paper

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Uttam Chitrakar portrays a sacred and powerful moment of spiritual reverence as the goddess Durga Maa, the fierce and protective divine mother, graces the iconic Kalighat temple with her divine presence. At the heart of this enchanting composition, the majestic form of Goddess Durga stands in all her divine glory. She is beautifully rendered in classic Kalighat style, with multiple arms that hold an array of symbolic weapons, each representing her formidable strength and protection. The painting captures the essence of devotion as devotees offer their prayers and offerings to Goddess Durga. The vibrant colours and intricate details in their attire and accessories reflect their cultural heritage and deep spiritual connection. This Kalighat painting by Uttam Chitrakar is a timeless tribute to the enduring significance of the goddess in Hindu culture.

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Goddess of Power: Uttam Chitrakar’s Kalighat Tribute