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Wooden Ganjifa Bookmarks (Peacock, Camel) by Sawant Bhonsle


Size : Medium
Dimensions : L-7 | W-1.1 Inches

Availability: Out of Stock

Sawant Bhonsle portrays exquisite expressions of artistic finesse and cultural significance. Each bookmark stands as a testament to the artist’s skill, carefully carved from fine wood to accentuate the inherent warmth and beauty of the material. The peacock bookmark captures the regal splendour and vibrant plumage of this majestic bird. The camel bookmark pays homage to the enduring and adaptable desert dweller. Its intricate carving, from the stoic posture to the finely detailed saddle, showcases Bhonsle’s commitment to preserving cultural motifs with authenticity. These bookmarks are a testament to Bhonsle’s talent and passion for creating functional art that inspires and resonates with individuals who appreciate both the written word and the artistry that enhances it.

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