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Square shaped Wooden Block diya by Vikas Singh


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 4 inch & W: 4 Inch
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Vikas Singh portrays henna inspired designs in the midst of square diya, offering sense of stability, order, and balance symbolising a solid foundation and a harmonious connection between different elements. Showcasing henna pattern into the diya art evoke sense of feminity, elegance, and beauty similar to which the henna designs are often considered a form of adornment, particularly for women. The designs of these beautiful wood block diyas are inspired from traditional handmade wood blocks designs done by our artisan Vikas ji who has been a traditional generational wood block maker for over 3 generations. These diyas are machine made with close supervision on the designs by our artisan Vikas ji and are sourced from him directly. Care instructions: To maintain the pristine appearance of the artwork on these Diyas, kindly avoid exposing these diyas to water, as prolonged contact can lead to wood swelling and affect their aesthetic appeal.

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    Square shaped Wooden Block diya by Vikas Singh