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Flower-like Patterns in Wooden Blocks by Vikas Singh


Size : Small
Dimensions : 2 inch
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Eminent wooden block artist Vikas Singh portrays a blend of paisley patterns with florals in the artwork. The contrast between the intricate, repetitive nature of paisley patterns and the organic, flowing forms of floral patterns can symbolize the union of opposites or the harmony between different elements in life or art. Wooden block printing is a traditional and intricate form of artistry. Combining paisley and floral designs allows artists to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship, merging two distinct motifs into a harmonious and visually appealing composition. Floral patterns symbolize nature, growth, and beauty. When combined with paisley patterns, which are known for their teardrop-like shapes, it can signify the interconnectedness of nature and human emotions. These blocks can be used to make a wall panel as well. The height can be customized, the height of the photographed product is 1.75 inches.

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    Flower-like Patterns in Wooden Blocks by Vikas Singh