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Ganesha’s Divine Presence: Tikuli painting by Ashok Kumar


Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 18 (in) by W: 12 (in)
Medium : Enamel Color on MDF Board

Availability: In Stock

Ashok Kumar portrays Lord Ganesha adorned with a crown or headdress, elevating his regal appearance with four arms, each holding a symbolic object seated on a lotus, with one leg folded and the other resting on the ground conveying stability and presence. The background behind Lord Ganesha including floral motifs and unveil curtains, enhances the visual appeal of the artwork. The lotus holds deep symbolism in Hinduism, symbolising purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. Depicting Lord Ganesha seated on a lotus emphasize his divine nature and his ability to transcend worldly challenges and obstacles. The concept of unveiling or parting curtains signify gaining insight into hidden knowledge. Lord Ganesha is the deity of wisdom, intellect, and the remover of obstacles, the artist emphasize his role as a guide who brings clarity, knowledge, and the ability to overcome hindrances.

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    Ganesha’s Divine Presence: Tikuli painting by Ashok Kumar