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Dolon Kundu’s Terracotta Decorated Royal Horse


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 6 | W: 6 Inches
Medium : Sculpture on clay

Availability: In Stock

In artist Dolon Kundu’s mesmerizing creation, the Terracotta Decorated Royal Horse, artistry weaves its own compelling tale. A canvas that comes alive with earthy tones and hues, this masterpiece resonates with the profound heritage of terracotta artistry. Rooted in ancient traditions, terracotta art finds new life in Kundu’s expert hands. Earthy reds and ochres blend seamlessly, evoking the warmth of sun-baked clay. The intricate patterns and motifs pay homage to the vibrant cultures that have thrived through centuries, celebrating both nature and nobility. Each stroke breathes life into this regal steed, a testament to the timeless allure of terracotta craftsmanship.

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    Dolon Kundu’s Terracotta Decorated Royal Horse