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Radha-Krishna, Tanjore Painting by Sanjay Tandekar


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 6 W: 6 inches
Medium : Poster Colors on Muckboard

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Sanjay Tandekar captures the celestial love of Radha-Krishna in his Tanjore painting. In a mesmerizing garden setting, the divine couple is depicted playing the flute together. Radha symbolizes unwavering devotion, while Krishna represents the divine essence. The act of playing the flute signifies Radha’s complete surrender to Krishna and her deep devotion towards him. Adorned with intricate jewelry, Krishna wears a majestic mukut crowned with a peacock feather, while Radha’s crown shines with exquisite red and green stones. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of this artwork, where love, devotion, and divine harmony intertwine.

Real 22k gold foil has been used to make this painting.

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Radha-Krishna, Tanjore Painting by Sanjay Tandekar