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Golden Peacock, Tanjore Painting by Sanjay Tandekar


Size : Small
Dimensions : H: 6 W: 6 inches
Medium : Poster Colors on Muckboard

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Sanjay Tandekar beautifully captures the elegance of a Golden Peacock in his Tanjore painting. Against a solid black background within a golden frame, the intricate design showcases the peacock adorned with kolka motifs. Symbolizing beauty, joy, and grace, the peacock has long been associated with royal opulence, perfectly accentuated by the use of gold color. Revered in religion, myth, and folklore, peacocks are believed to possess the power to ward off evil and eradicate negativity, including anger, greed, and jealousy. Experience the mesmerizing allure of this artwork as it invites you into a world of splendor and protection.

Real 22k gold foil has been used to make this painting.

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Golden Peacock, Tanjore Painting by Sanjay Tandekar