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Kalash in Bengal Pattachitra by Manoranjan Chitrakar


Size : Small
Dimensions : Dia: 3 Inch
Medium : Brass on Oil color

Availability: In Stock

Manoranjan Chitrakar, Bengal Pattachitra artist depicts Kalash, a significant element in the art patterned with deep intricate and colourful floral motifs. The Kalash is considered a sacred symbol in Hinduism, representing abundance, purity, and auspiciousness, often used in religious ceremonies, particularly in puja rituals. The floral patterns around the Kalash in Pattachitra art are symbolic of the divine and are meant to invoke spiritual blessings and positive energy. They are known for their aesthetic beauty and intricate detailing, adding vibrancy and elegance to the artwork, making it visually appealing. These patterns are not only decorative but also serve as a means to capture the audience’s gaze and engage them with the artwork.

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    Kalash in Bengal Pattachitra by Manoranjan Chitrakar