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Nature’s Nuances in Sudheer’s Kalamkari Plates


Size : Medium
Dimensions : Dia: 12 (in)
Medium : Acrylic Colors on Wood

Availability: In Stock

Renowned artist Sudheer intricately weaves a mesmerizing narrative in “Royal Elephant under a Tree of Life.” This Kalamkari masterpiece, set against a serene blue and white base, echoes the ancient art’s mystical essence. Rooted in history, Kalamkari embraces a time-honored technique, where delicate patterns and motifs narrate stories of mythology and nature. Blue symbolizes divinity, while white signifies purity. The majestic elephant beneath the Tree of Life resonates with strength and vitality, reflecting the circle of existence. Sudheer’s art harmoniously melds color theory, tradition, and symbolism, creating a captivating ode to life’s intricate interconnectedness.

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    Nature’s Nuances in Sudheer’s Kalamkari Plates